Manual and Electric Wrought Iron Gates

Our wrought iron, manual and automated gates are different from most others.  Some of the differences are subtle but the overall effect is of very solid, elegant looking gates with immaculate detailing. All of our gates are custom made to suit your exact requirements.  We believe they are the very best wrought iron gates available.

Gate Design

You can choose from the wide range of drive gates in our brochure or possibly create your own variations on them.  You may wish to have an original design that can be arrived at in consultation with our experienced team, 


One of the reasons that our gates look better is that we use more substantial materials than most other manufacturers indeed, usually of a size that you rarely find on other gates.  Our standard verticals are 50mm square and rails 50 x 12, where others might use 40 x 40 and 40 x 8.  This contributes to the gates looking more substantial and better proportioned than others.


We never fit hinges that are crudely bolted through the vertical style with long threads visible.  As the styles are constructed from hollow section, in addition to looking crude, they tend to distort the section  and "work" in the holes giving loose hinges after a few years.. All of our hinges are specially made by us in a larger size that is not available "off the shelf".  This ensures hinges that are up to the job.  The post end of the carefully measured and cut and welded to the correct size at the time of installation.

Decorative Components

Many of the decorative panels and finials that we use are made especially for us giving our gates unique character.

Pillars and Piers

Whilst many people will wish to hang their gates on brick pillars (or piers) you will see that we offer an unusual and attractive alternative with our wrought iron Lattice Piers.  These are substantial structures capable of carrying the weight of our heaviest gates but retaining a light, elegant appearance. If you wish to have new brick pillars we will supply steelwork for building-in ensuring that the finished structure is stable and capable of carrying the gates.


The other thing that you will notice about our gates is the superior paint finish.  We do not galvanise our beautiful gates as this process distorts them and leaves a finish that is both rough and difficult to get paint to adhere to.  Instead we shot blast them and hot zinc spray them ( a process used for protecting offshore structures) prior to painting with high build zinc phosphate primer and finishing in enamel of your colour choice.  This process has been proved to give enduring good looks without any risk of paint flaking off,  a common problem with a galvanised finish.




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